The Best Gaming Computer Desk in 2016

If you're looking to buy a new gaming computer desk, you've come to the right place.If you’re looking for the best gaming computer desk, you’ve come to the right place. We discuss the top 6 desks products currently available on the market right now.

If you regularly play video games on your computer or console, you probably know how important it is to have adequate space and to be comfortable.

After all, what’s the point of having fun if you’re cramped up in little space. It makes it difficult to play properly and actually enjoy the experience.

On top of that, if you have spend thousands of dollars on a high end gaming computer, an Executive chair and other accessories, why skimp out on something like a gaming desk? It is something that actually makes a huge difference.

Due to this, we have done a lot of testing and have finally managed to compile a list of the very best computer gaming desks so you can relax and comfortably engage in those long, intense video game sessions.

Okay, you have waited long enough. Let’s get through this list and try to find the best gaming desk for you.

Atlantic Gaming DeskStandardSteel and PVC laminate1 Year
Techni Mobili 1L-shapedGlass top, steel frame and Wood panels5 Years
Walker Edison SorenoL-shapedGlass top and steel frame30 Days
Techni Mobili 2StandardGlass top and steel frame5 Years
Naomi SedaliaL-shapedGlass top and steel frame1 Year
Origami RDE-01StandardPlastic1 Year

The Top 6 Computer Desks for Gaming

1. Atlantic Gaming Computer Desk (5.0/5.0)

This Atlantic gaming desk is perfect for gamers and is a bargain at just over $100.This product was created specifically for hardcore gamers and tops our list.

Made with a solid steel rod frame construction consisting of durable steel and PVC laminate, it is extremely lightweight.

However, it is still very solid and durable. We suspect that if taken good care of, it will last a very long time.

The great thing about this product is that it comes with several features you don’t often see, which are specifically tailored for gamers. For example, there is even a cup holder in case you get thirsty.

On top of that, there is a charging station for your mobile phone, a controller holder and a headphone hook. If you want high quality sound, there are even speaker rests.

All of this combined ensures a decluttered area where everything has its place. It allows you to spend more of your time actually playing rather than trying to find something.

It will allow you to fit a 27-inch monitor, weighing up to 40 pounds.

Even if you’ve never assembled anything, you don’t need to worry. The provided instructions make this very easy to assemble so you can get everything up and ready very quickly.

Overall, this Atlantic desk is incredibly sturdy and looks great.

Priced at just over $100, it is actually quite affordable and probably the best gaming computer desk on this list.

2. Techni Mobili L-shaped Glass (4.8/5.0)

This computer gaming desk offers plenty of space to store your equipment.Techni Mobili is well known for creating high quality products and this L-shaped option is no exception.

Featuring frosted 8 mm tempered safety glass on top of a scratch-resistant steel frame, it looks premium. It also comes with durable wood panels with a moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer.

This leads to a very stylish looking desk, which is also very durable and will last a long time.

Since this is L-shaped, you can actually interchange between the long and short sides quite easily, which is a nice addition if you ever move it to a different room. There is an elevated caddy for your Desktop unit as well as lovely a slide out keyboard shelf. This has a 30-pound capacity and comes with a safety stop.

While this product is excellent and offers plenty of space, it is worth mentioning that this will set you back just over $200.

It is a very hefty price but if you want a solid gaming station computer desk that looks great and offers plenty of space, this is a very good choice.

3. Techni Mobili Glass Top (4.8/5.0)

This computer desk for gaming offers a good amount of space and the price is very reasonable as well.This modern styled gaming computer desk features a smart 8 mm tempered glass top, made even more stylish thanks to the curved and scratch-resistant steel frame.

There is a pull out keyboard shelf with moisture resistant PVC laminate veneer in a rich Mahogany finish that looks absolutely stunning.

It is by no means huge, but offers decent space for a computer monitor and laptop. There is also no CPU stand so it might be worth considering that.

However, costing just under $130, this is a very stylish computer desk for gaming and might be perfect for someone who doesn’t a large amount of space.

You can still move around freely and store your accessories with ease.

4. Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece (4.6/5.0)

This gaming station computer desk look stunning and offers very good value for money.This Walker Edison Soreno L-shaped option looks truly stunning.

It features thick tempered glass and has a very sleek and contemporary design. At the same time though, the steel frame feels very sturdy and looks lovely.

It offers plenty of space, measuring in at an overall depth of 51 inches. We put up 2 computer monitors as well as a laptop and still had plenty of space left over. You should be able to move around freely and play video games comfortably on this.

There is a stand to store your Desktop CPU as well as a sliding keyboard tray. It is worth mentioning that you can fit the keyboard tray on either side of the desk.

Priced at just over the $100 mark, the Walker Edison Soreno is a bargain and is very similar to the more expensive Techni Mobili option we discussed above.

5. Naomi Home 3 Piece Sedalia (4.4/5.0)

This Naomi Home 3 Piece Sedalia set is one of the best computer gaming desks right now.Costing just under $120, this L-shaped glass desk by Naomi looks sleek and offers a lot of space for your gaming computer and accessories.

The glass and black metal looks fantastic and will be great for any room. The tempered glass top has rounded edges and sits nicely into frame, allowing for a sleek look. The steel frame feels well made and durable, so we’re confident that it will last you a long time with proper care.

There is a sliding out keyboard tray along with a CPU stand to make sure everything is in its place.

Overall, this is an excellent option at less than $120.

6. Origami RDE-01 (4.4/5.0)

The Origami RDE-01 is arguably the best computer desk for gaming at this price.For those looking to save as much money as possible while still wanting a high quality desk, the Origami RDE-01 is the perfect choice.

Costing less than $90, the Orgami RDE-01 requires no assembly.

It simply opens and folds in seconds, and can be folded flat for easy storage.

While this may sound like an average quality product, you will be surprised at how good this actually this.

It looks and feels sturdy. There’s no glass top. Instead, it’s made out of a really dense plastic but this is of very good quality. There is plenty of space and you can easily get in at least 2 computer monitors on there.

When testing this out, we were quite impressed and the other reviews on the Internet seem to agree with us.

For this price, you won’t find any better options on the market than the Orgami RDE-01.

Important Things to Consider

Before getting your wallet out, it is extremely important that you measure your room and see how much space is available.

As mentioned before, a gaming computer desk is typically wider and it would be annoying if it ends up taking more space than you had anticipated. Or, even worse, it doesn’t fit in your room at all.

Thus, it is of utmost important that you measure your room and carefully choose something that would easily fit in without issues.

Once you have measured everything, and have a good understanding of the size, it is time to consider the material.

The most common options are made of Stainless Steel and PVC. This is primarily because PVC is a very lightweight yet durable material. It is then typically reinforced and supported with high quality stainless steel frames.

All of this leads to a high quality durable product that is lightweight and can easily be moved around.

If you want something that looks sleek looking, there are some products that come with high quality tempered glass tabletops and steel frames.

While these look great, we personally feel they’re not very suited to gaming and would prefer to avoid them.

Finally, you have an expensive wooden computer gaming desk that has a rich feel and look to it. This tend to be very expensive, but you get a top quality product that will last you more than a decade if taken care of properly.

The style you’re looking to buy is also important. There are generally 3 different styles available:


This is generally the long corner style you often see in many peoples homes. It offers a lot of space in the entire room because it will just take up one corner of the room.

There is ample space to move around and plenty of legroom to freely stretch. It’s very comfortable and would be a great buy for gamers.


This style offers plenty of room as well, although not as much as a corner style. There are also different options for storage.

However, it tends to be more expensive than others and doesn’t really offer anything extra. Due to this, we’re not big fans of this style.

Standard Shape:

If you want something more basic looking, there are plenty of standard shaped options on the market.

They normally come in a rectangular shape and have a pull out slot for your keyboard. You typically get some other drawers fitted in as well if you want to store your other accessories.

Don’t expect them to be boring looking though, because there are plenty of stylish options available.

Pros of a new Gaming Computer Desk

Now that we have gone through our top picks, let’s go through all of the benefits a good quality product can offer you.

Safety and Comfort:

The whole point of playing video games is to relax and enjoy for a little while. A normal desk may lack sufficient space to sit properly and stretch out.

If you spend hours of your time playing video games, it may lead to discomfort and unnecessary pain. So, the most important thing is ensuring you’re comfortable.

Additional Space:

Generally, a designated gaming desk is a lot wider than a normal one, and comes in a variety of different designs.

It should give you ample space to freely move around without worrying about breaking anything.

There is normally space for a gaming computer with monitors along with any other equipment you may have such as headphones. Some also have space for storing a PS4 or Xbox if you have one.

Even after all that, you should still have plenty of space leftover, which just tells you how useful such a desk can be.

Improved Concentration:

When you’re comfortable and don’t have to worry about breaking anything, you tend to focus more on actually playing instead of other things.

You’re not easily distracted and can fully immerse into the game, leading to better results and a better overall experience.


We hope this post gave you a good understanding of what you need to look for when buying a new gaming computer desk.

We tested hundreds of products on the market and narrowed it down to the top 6 products, which we felt offered excellent value for money and were more suited towards gamers.

All 6 of these products are of excellent quality and as long as they are taken good care of, they will be sure to last you a long time.

They all have a stylish design, with the majority featuring a tempered glass top.

Most importantly, they have ample space to store your gaming computer and and accessories, while still allowing you to move around freely.

We guarantee that as long as you pick one of the products above, you won’t be disappointed.

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