The Best Chair for a Better Posture

The SPACE seating AirGrid Eco Leather Seat is perfect for good posture.When people complain about sitting leading to back pain, they are looking at the wrong problem. If you’ve looked into this in a bit more detail, then you’ll know that the experts believe that sitting is not the issue here. Sitting still is the problem that we all face and if you sit still for a prolonged time period then there should be no surprise of you suffering from a bad back and a bad posture.

This means that you shouldn’t sit still for too long but again, most people get lost in work and don’t remember about this. Eventually, they’ll get up after quite a few hours without realizing the damage being caused to the back and the negative impact on the posture. The key thing to do is to buy an office chair that allows a lot of postural variation and a lot of movement. Buying the right chair is probably the most important thing to do and most of us should do it right away and before we start to experience these problems. The best chair for posture improvement is one that decreases the amount of discomfort and also promotes quite a lot of movement. As a result of this, you will have much better health in the long run.

There are a lot of chairs that function this way and will provide a great advantage if you are trying to improve your posture. Unfortunately, not all of these look good so most people skip past them without realizing that the chair they will buy eventually may not be good for their health. For me, the health of a person is more important than anything else so you should really be willing to make the sacrifice when it comes to the appearance of the chair.

However, the best thing to do is to buy something that provides a little bit of both. Considering the fact that you’re going to be spending quite a bit of money on this, you should go out and look for the best chair for posture that also looks half decent.

When it comes to these features, perhaps the best chair to buy is the SPACE seating AirGrid Eco Leather Seat. This is available in three different models but I would say that the executive version is probably the best one in terms of the appearance and features. This has a mesh airgrid back in combination with an adjustable lumbar support. The seat is heavily padded with high quality eco leather and this just shows you the overall quality of the chair. There are a lot of areas that can be adjusted according to your own requirements. This includes height adjustment and angled arms that can be adjusted too. The chair is quite sturdy but at the same time it allows for a better posture. It also allows for more movement. The good thing is that the material is so comfortable that it will allow you to sit for quite a few of hours without experiencing any discomfort. It also features on our list of desk chairs that are good for your back.

Another chair that has a very unique appearance that might appeal to some people is the Gaiam Balance Ball chair. This isn’t your typical office chair and shouldn’t be used as one. However, health and fitness experts have designed it by using an actual balance ball that we often see in the gym. It has been designed to improve the overall health of your back and for promoting movement and improving posture. It includes an air pump so you can inflate the ball on a regular basis. You can also adjust the support seat according to your own requirements. This is a good chair that will promote the health of your back but it might not be as comfortable as the executive chair that we have talked about above. But it might be worth getting as a back up as it is a lot cheaper and I can definitely see it being quite effective due to the promotion of movement.


It is extremely important for the body to be treated right and a bad office chair can be detrimental to this. No wonder then that most office workers suffer from back pain and aches in their muscles. Two of the chairs that we have discussed will provide you with the perfect solution because you’ll be able to move around freely and with a good amount of comfort. You certainly won’t be able to sit still and this is exactly what we want.

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